Our advantages

We do exactly what you need
We have our own metal cutting machinery plant and we produce automatic galvanic lines. At the same time we are interested in and we do valuable networking with our partners - different producers and suppliers.  This permits us to offer you exactly what will surely satisfy the requirements of your project with a wide range of prices and technical characteristics.

We offer a full-scale approach

You launch your project and order your equipment with a certain goal. And your project has to work, it will be getting the concrete objectives of your enterprise, it won’t give any problem and it will bring you as much revenue as possible.

We offer a full-scale approach: starting with your needs study, designing your infrastructure, developing the engineering and technological processes, the process of the equipment delivery, and continuing up through any technical support during all life cycle of the equipment. We do not promise you, we just make it real.

Why are we capable of doing it?

We are a team of professional engineers. Ten years of work gave us the rich experience of solving the most difficult problems of our customers. Make just one telephone call and our engineers will attend your modernization and development project.  We have enough competences and experience to manage your project in an effective way. Then you will not need to keep supervising dozens of suppliers and contractors.

We always fulfill our commitments

We are a reliable partner. Our assets are our participation in the capital of such enterprises as GRS Ural and Galur. Our quality is assured by the projects that we have carried out.


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